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Aside: Anatomy of an unsafe abortion

I opened the vagina and by feel clamped through the holes on either side of the uterus where I knew from experience I would find the uterine arteries, the likely site of the puncture. I didn’t know which side, and at that point it didn’t matter. I just needed to stop the blood flow. It took less than a minute. She would have bled to death if I had opened her belly.

– Dr. Jennifer Gunter

This is what happens when women do not have reliable access to family planning and abortion services. Women try and get them from an unreliable and often subpar "gynecologist" (whether they have even those credentials is often a mystery), endangering their lives while going through the already taxing process of having an abortion. There is no abortion law in Canada; abortion is rightly considered to be a medical procedure, which should be discussed between doctor and patient amongst other options (or not, if the patient has made up her mind).